Tos Group BD





Door Type & Size: Center opening/Side opening/according to the site condition
Traction Motor type: Gear traction Motor/Gearless traction motor
Lift type: Machine Room (MR)/Machine Room Less (MRL)
Cabin Design: Painted/Hairline SS/Etching/Wooden/Panoramic/Titanium gold
Door Design: Painted/Hairline SS/Etching/Titanium gold/Small & Big version
LOP/COP: Square & Round Button/Touch Button/Voice Control
Indicator/Display: Dot. Matrix/LED/Picture type/Video Type
Access Control: Card punch/Biometric
Advance Features: Access Control/Voice synthesizer/Floor Gong/Video display/CCTV/Air condition
Rescue system: Manual Rescue/Auto Rescue Device (ARD)/Online UPS
Fire safety: Fire door/Fire switch at the main landing